The pain of betrayal is paralyzing. Whether it seeps in slowly or smashes into your world like a wrecking ball, it’s hard to breathe, much less make any sort of forward motion. And it’s easy to stay stuck. Lynn helps you discover a way through one day at a time. With compassion and grace she shares the thoughts and scriptures that helped her navigate the wreckage of her own marriage. Each reading includes:
-biblical truth
-a daily affirmation
-questions for reflection
-practical ways to respond

Keep Walking is a gentle recovery companion with practical steps for moving forward.
There is hope and freedom if you will put one foot in front of the other and Keep Walking.

In 2017, Keep Walking was awarded a bronze medal in the Readers’ Favorite Book Contest for the Christian Devotion/Study category.

 What Experts are Saying:


When a woman experiences betrayal that screams she is not enough, well-meaning platitudes and tired cliches cannot help. She needs a guide, the wise voice of someone who has been tested through similar heartache. Lynn Cherry is that voice and Keep Walking is the helpful guide to light a darkened path.

Jonathan Daughtery

Founder, Be Broken Ministries

Lynn’s words reflect a compassion and understanding that can only come from one who has experienced their own spouse’s betrayal through infidelity. While some become bitter from such devastating circumstances, Lynn has powerfully transformed her own painful journey into a gift of life and hope for all women with similar wounding. I believe betrayed women will find this devotional to be a treasured friend. Additionally, for women who are wrestling with the question of where God is in all of this, I believe this book can be a road map back to him.

Leslie Hardie

LCSW, Creator of Harboring Hope, an online recovery course for betrayed spouses

Lynn Marie Cherry has added a much-needed resource for the recovery community. Wounded partners of sex addicts will find hope and healing in her devotional. I will recommend it to my clients.

Dr Milton Magness

D. Min., MA, LPC, CSAT, Author of Stop Sex Addiction: Real Hope,True Freedom for Sex Addicts and Partners, founder and director of Hope & Freedom Counseling Services

What Readers are Saying:

Lynn Cherry gives a voice and words to everything I’m going through! I literally wake up in the morning and anticipate another word that I can hold on to to get me through this next day. She is real and doesn’t sugar coat her story. Every detail given is for a purpose so that others can identify with her story and have hope to keep walking. It’s an easy read and the reflection time is 100% needed if you are going through betrayal. She gives tools to overcome negative situations and emotions that can so easily torment during this time. 

When I was stuck deep in the mire of depression and grief, this was one more tool that got me through each day. Lynn pointed me to God and to his hope, while at the same time acknowledging the depths of my grief. Her daily affirmations, such as watching for “thin pink lines of hope” helped me to make it through one more day. I have written out her 40 affirmations, and continue to refer to them, especially on days when I begin to sink again. I would recommend this book to anyone who has experienced betrayal and is looking for the hope and freedom that only God can offer.

I could not believe this devotional from day 1. It described exactly how I have felt in the past and how I am currently feeling. Lynn has blessed me tremendously by sharing her story, struggle and pain through this devotional. I recommend this devotional for any woman who feels stuck with feelings of betrayal and doesn’t know how to move forward into the freedom and forgiveness God wants for us all. Read it, gift it.. study it with other women. It will change your life.