Will it EverStop Hurting-

The other morning when I put my on tennis shoes I was flooded with gratitude. Weird, right? Not your typical response. But it was a moment of triumph for me and here’s why…I broke my foot earlier this year. I don’t know how it happened. I just know the day it started hurting. (Wish I had a better story!) I had to wear a big black boot and when I followed up with a podiatrist it went from bad to worse. I got fitted with an even bigger, heavier boot.

Did I mention this was my driving foot? Every time I got in and out of my car I had to strap in and out of that boot. Not fun!

After six weeks, my podiatrist said I could begin wearing tennis shoes along with two different sets of inserts. He thought I’d need to wear them for another six weeks or so. I was so happy to be out of the boot but when I got to my car it hit me – tennis shoes for six weeks! I may have cried a little.

God bless my dear husband. He changed his schedule for the afternoon and drove me around to pick up the orthotic inserts and then to DSW to buy two pairs of tennis shoes that would accommodate the inserts.

I’m not a huge shoe girl but two pairs of shoes for six weeks!! That’s just terrible!

For several days I had pain in both feet and both calves as I adjusted to the inserts. I alternated wearing my two options for about six weeks, still occasionally feeling a twinge of pain in my foot. I remember one day feeling so discouraged and wondering—will it ever stop hurting or will my foot ever feel normal again.

Maybe you are wondering the same thing:

Will it ever stop hurting?
Will I ever feel normal again?

Whether you have a broken bone or a broken heart, I have a promise for you.

Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning. Psalm 30:5 NLT

Right now in central Texas the sun rises around 6:30am and it sets around 8:30pm so we have about 10 hours of night and 14 hours of light. It makes for a pretty manageable day. But I know, that you know, sometimes it feels like “night” drags on for days and weeks and months, even years.

With my broken foot, “night” lasted for about four months. Joy snuck up on me the morning I put on my tennis shoes to go for a walk and realized I’ve been able to exercise for several days without pain. Hooray!

When my heart was broken, “night” lasted for several years.

The sun rose like a marshmallow through molasses.

Joy came when my husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary and I realized my heart didn’t hurt anymore.

However long the night may linger, our promise is that morning is coming and it’s bringing joy along with it!

My challenge for you is Keep Walking. Keep doing what you know is right.

Night cannot last forever. Morning is coming. Joy is ahead!

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