Groot sparks 2We took the family out to the movies. Given the fact that we have two teenage boys and seeing that I’m the only girl, it’s not surprising we saw Guardians of the Galaxy.

The boys loved the movie. My husband loved the old cassette-era tunes. And I fell in love with Groot.

Don’t get me wrong, Groot is a force to be reckoned with. He is powerful in battle and takes out more than a few enemies. But my favorite scene of the movie features one of Groot’s more tender superpowers.

As the team enters their arch enemy’s hideout, Drax makes a comment about how dark it is. In response, Groot lifts up his branchy arm and releases hundreds of sparkling spores that light the way for the band of intergalactic warriors.

I had a moment – watching all those floating bits of light, knowing the good guys were about to take on the bad guys, seeing light invade the darkness with absolute beauty.

Those floating sparks of light stayed with me.

Jesus told his followers, “You are the light of the world.”

Sometimes I imagine that light shining like an interrogator’s bright white lamp, blinding the eyes of those in the dark.  What if we lit up the world around us with dazzling bits of warmth, kindness and love?

A few days later David and I were enjoying a worship service with Rev1211. As it was wrapping up I noticed a few dust particles illuminated by light floating over the band. I smiled. I remembered Groot.

And then the band began to play Spark by The City Harmonic.

Seriously, I’m not making this up. I laughed out loud.

And I loved these lyrics:

When I breathe in hope, and breathe in grace, and breathe in God
Then I’ll breathe out peace, and breathe out justice, breathe out love

Oh, this little light’s gonna shine, with just a spark light a fire
Just a spark

I imagined us all leaving the service like a hundred sparks of light, carrying the love of God, the message of forgiveness, and the hope of restoration out into the dark waiting world.

So breathe in God.
Breath deep.
And then breathe out love.
Shine your beautiful sparkling light.



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