Falling in love is easy. Shoom! You’ve fallen and you can’t get up. Unfortunately creating a love that lasts is not quite as effortless . We don’t really fall in marriage. An emotionally intelligent marriage is something we build together. It takes effort and work. Thankfully, that effort can be a whole lot of fun!  And the work is always worth it.

My husband David and I hosted a book club for Created Woman this year. We read The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman and Nan Silver and recorded a video blog for each principle. Now you can watch all seven videos and grab hold of some marriage building tools in one place

Enhance Your Love Maps 

Nurture Your Fondness and Admiration

Turn Toward Each Other Instead Of Away

Let Your Partner Influence You

Solve Your Solvable Problems 

Overcome Gridlock 

 Create Shared Meaning