I left my ipod at home thinking I would spend time praying and reflecting as I walked rather than listening to someone else’s dialogue of words or song.

I was headed back home when I heard something in the grass over my shoulder. 
I looked.

I heard it again, the faint rustling of drying grass in need of rain. I turned and looked straight into the dark eyes of a coyote staring back at me. A furry four-legged stalker.

(Try not to panic.)

My heart skipped a beat and adrenaline carried me quickly across the street and around a fence into the safety of our subdivision.

All I can say is I’m glad my ears were open.
I’m glad I was in the moment, aware of my surroundings.

Its easy for me to get busy and just STAY busy. And the more I have going on, the less aware I am of what is happening right over my shoulder.  Click to Tweet

I need to unplug more often.

Unplug and really be aware. Because I certainly want to be aware of any lurking danger, but I also don’t want to miss out on the wonder of the world around me.

So what do you think, was the coyote wonder or danger?
I’m undecided.

Question: Are you intentional about unplugging? Do you make time for reflection? How? Why?

Special Thank you Michael Bizeau for the perfect picture!