November 11, 2017     HOPE for the Holidays

Hope for the Holidays 9am-1pm  15201 Burnet Road, Austin

There have been too many holiday seasons when I was struggling emotionally, trying to drum up some holiday spirit but falling flat.

I wanted to create an event for people like me, who for some reason – be it betrayal, loss, grief, divorce, strained relationships, loneliness, transition, anxiety or sadness – are dreading the holidays.

This HOPE for the Holidays Wellness Workshop will equip you to navigate the most wonderful time of the year when you are just aren’t feeling the wonder.

Join Lynn Cherry, Cheryl Luke, Gina Kaye, Darleen Cameron, Cissy Luke and Jen Ferguson for this power packed morning workshop.

Topics include: Expectations, Relational Connections, Boundaries and Hope

4 hours of tools and strategy for less than $40  Get your Ticket HERE

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February 9, 2018
Isaiah 61 Ministries Valentine’s Day Gathering

March 23-24, 2018
Kauffman County Community Church Women’s Conference



Lynn entertains and inspires audiences with well-crafted messages and real life stories. Topics include:


  • Momma Bear – Embrace the instinct but tame the beast
  • Riding the Roller Coaster of Risk – Teaching our children to be brave
  • Losing Limbs and Letting Go
  • Thriving in the Seasons of Motherhood
  • Talking to Your Children about Pornography


  • My Survivor Trophy – How God restored my soul
  • Baggage – Lynn and her husband David give couples and congregations tools for moving beyond the pain of the past

Moving Forward

  • Beulah Mae’s Quilt – What do to when life doesn’t fit your plan
  • Walk With Me – Finding your life one step at a time
  • Timeline – Strategies for dealing with the past, present and future
  • The Reluctant Leader – A biblical role model for hesitant leaders

Topics can be tailored to your needs. Lynn will also develop topics that capture the heart of your event.

Here is a sample of Lynn’s video blog for Affair Recovery.

And a preview of the message David and Lynn share together: