2013 lynn lgLynn and her husband David have been married for almost 25 years. Whew! That is a major accomplishment in itself. The challenges they’ve face in their relationship are not wasted as Lynn encourages woman to press through whatever they encounter and do the work of growing and changing. Through her book“Keep Walking – 40 Days to Hope and Freedom After Betrayal” Lynn leads women to the Bible helping them move beyond the pain of betrayal to find hope for restoration.

Being mom to two teenage boys is a great adventure. Lynn offers grace and strength for mothers in every season. From diapers to driving, she tells it like it is, trusting moms will find courage in her stories and believe they have what it takes.

Lynn is a graduate of Oral Roberts University. She works at Shoreline Church in Austin, TX where she writes the weekly devotional. She also contributes to Created Woman and Affair Recovery.

Lynn has a passion for sharing hope and freedom. In whatever shoes you prefer  – rubber rain boots, TOMS or heels  – she’ll show you how to take a step forward today.